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Anushya Chandran

is at Perimeter Institute. She is broadly interested in the non-equilibrium dynamics of isolated quantum systems with and without disorder.

Sarang Gopalakrishnan

is at Caltech. He works broadly on nonequilibrium dynamics in closed and open systems, and on a wide range of topics in cold-atom physics and quantum optics.

Chris Hooley

is at the University of St Andrews in the UK. He works on quenches in disordered and spatially inhomogeneous systems (with an especial eye on cold-atom realisations), Landau-Zener physics for general ramp protocols, non-Fermi-liquids near quantum criticality, quantum versions of the Kasteleyn transition, and various other aspects of the quantum many-body problem.

Chris Laumann

is at the University of Washington, Seattle. He works on the effects of disorder on quantum systems, topological phases and quantum optimization problems.

Sid Parameswaran

is at the University of California, Irvine. He works on disorder and dynamics of isolated quantum systems, topologically ordered systems, and transport in topological phases.